Jeff Mere - Bass / Vocals Originally from Lake Charles, Louisiana.... Jeff  has had the roots of Louisiana Music deep within him! When only 18 months old he was dancing on a stool playing his plastic guitar to Rufus Jaganeux's Opelousas Sostan, his parents Claby and Julie Mere knew they would have to encourage his natural love of music; and that they did! 
       Countless hours of making "noise" in his bedroom eventually began to payoff when at the age of 18 when he began playing locally around Lake Charles with several local groups. Within no time he came together with a group of guys that would eventually play together for 23 years; that band was called A2-fe' (Ettouffee) where Jeff handled the roles of Lead Guitarist; Lead Vocalist as well as the bands manager and promoter! He kept them busy entertaining and promoting the band as the most sought after party band of Southwest Louisiana! 
    Throughout these years he was fortunate to share the stage with some of the Louisiana greats such as Percy Sledge, Cookie & the Cupcakes; Mel "Lovebug" Pellerin; "Maw Maw Theriot, BooZoo Chavis, Zachary Richard and Wayne Toups! Even performances with Huey Lewis and Willie Nelson soon made it to his resume! His true enjoyment and love for music could be felt by all that shared the stage with him. 
             His craving for fresh air and beautiful Mountains finally got the best of him and he made the move in 2011 to Loveland, Colorado thinking he was possibly leaving behind the culture of the great Southwest Louisiana music filled with Cajun, Zydeco and New Orleans Blues and Funk! However, fate had different plans when he found himself invited to a Zydeco dance where he met Tony Trahan and the BlueKrewe..... entertaining the crowds of course.
                 He was invited onstage to sit in with the Band and after a few songs, they both knew it was meant to be! With Tony being such an incredible guitar player, Jeff graciously and excitedly jumped on the bass guitar to be able to lay down all the licks he grew up listening to.The attack and groove he brings to the bass helps to bring the Louisiana music to life! The short void Jeff once felt as a result of his move to Colorado was short lived as he is enjoying, more than ever, the joys of bringing the spicy style of Louisiana music to Northern Colorado loving every minute of being a part of the Bluekrewe!

Robert Fiorino - Drums Robert has been part of the BlueKrewe  for several years and He really loves to lay down the groove....... and its solid.

Jimmy Yozel - Drums Jimmy is a force to reckoned with, he's got groove plus chops = BadAss

Brandon Vigil - Sax Brandon hails from Memphis and is truly one of the best sax players around.....

 Kurt Eherenman - Sax Kurt knows Sax! this guy can play, its always a treat when he is in the Band.

Scott Headley - Percussion / Drums Scott has a groove like no other, it doesn't matter if he is playing Drums or Percussion, his groove is solid and true.

Joe Pacheco - Bass Joe is always in high demand and its because he can play it all, he has a great tone and always hand picks the right notes in the music.

Kyle Borthick - Percussion Kyle goes way back with the BlueKrewe and its various versions, he brings a lot of good Mojo with him and it comes out in his grooves. 

Mike Ray - Drums Mike brings such a great feel to this Band, his Groove is steady and Funky.

Dave Lyons - Bass  Dave is one of the best Musicians around, it is an honor to have him be part of the BlueKrewe family since the late 90's

Steve Sheldon - Harmonica Steve is the of the best, this guy can play anything on his instrument, every time he plays with the Band i am in awe of his talent.

Mike Wysocki - Bass Mike brings a serious groove to this planet, and when we get to Jupiter he'll bring it there too!

Chris Harris - Bass Chris has a great ear for music and his groove is outstanding!

Wilson Thomas - Sax Wilson + Sax = wholly molly what was that, dang that dude can play

John Bunting - Percussion John adds the right groove at the right time, he just knows what to do

Mark DeGeorge - Keyboards Mark can play anything you throw at him and play it better than anyone around

Paul Martin - Scrubboard A.K.A. The ScratchMan Paul brings an infectious groove the the Zydeco beats

Freddie Cochini - Scrubboard A.K.A. Mr Yeah U Right Freddie just has a touch of class on the board like no other

Jodie Woodward - Bass Jodie is in high demand on Colorado's front range and with touring need to wonder why she is Groove

Trip Merklein - Scrubboard / Percussion Trip brings the energy....enough for the whole venue. He has drank the water and just gets it.

George Stone - Keyboards R.I.P. Al ot of musicians were fortunate to have known George, he played anything and everything. He just made everyone around him a better musician.....we miss you my Friend.

Mac McMurry - Bass Mac is solid as a Rock, but goes un-noticed because he is in the pocket and does not make mistakes! 

Chris Lacinak - Drums Wow! what can i say.....i'll try anyways....he hails from NOLA enough'll find him playing on my CD

Lou Gerrig - Percussion Lou is an incredible person and has a groove that is solid and thoughtful.

Chico DeMeira - Bass Chico has played many gigs with the BlueKrewe and has that Funky style that catches on quick, he also put the FUN in Funky.

Todd Edmonds - Bass Buckweed is Bad Ass and in high demand for European tours.....He also plays a mean Sousaphone...coming to a Second Line near you!